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Plant Education – Sungold Tomato

February 16, 2024

Plant Education is back.

Today we are choosing one of our favorite tomatoes on the market. It is the Sungold Cherry Tomato. We have not met any other cherry tomato that we all agree is the sweetest and the most delicious.

Often customers come to us and ask for that super sweet yellow tomato that we suggested the year before. Do you have anymore? I always have to think about which variety they are talking about. The yellow always throws me off. “You sure you did not mean orange.”

Sungolds are an indeterminate variety of tomato. This means they keep going and going like the Energizer bunny. The plants can even reach over 6 feet in height. Thankfully they are also an early season producer. If you are lucky, you can begin harvesting in July and continue until October. The fruit hangs in clusters, each tomato ranging from .5 -.7 oz.

Sungolds were developed by the Japanese company Tokia Seed Company in 1992. The F1 hybrid is resistant to tomato mosaic virus (ToMV), tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) and Fusarium wilt. Ever since, this disease-resistant hybrid has remained hugely popular at home in Japan and abroad like the US.  The unfortunate part of being hybrid is you will have to purchase new seed each year. No saving the seeds for these.

This year we will be trying out two more varieties of the sun series: Suncherry (red tomato)  and Sunlemon (yellow tomato). There are  a few others but we felt it best to start with a few to see if they can live up to the hype. We can not tell you how many times before we have been disappointed by tomatoes that were going to surpass the Sungold in flavor.

Do not just take my word for it! Sungolds are my number one seller as tomatoes or plants!!!