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About Us

Our Mission and History

Welcome to Dizzy Lizzie’s Farm.

Dizzy Lizzie’s Farm is a NOFA-NY Certified Organic family farm providing fresh seasonal produce, garden plants, flowers, and U-Pick blueberries. In addition to our myriad of fresh offerings, we also produce maple syrup and an assorted line of value-added products including home-grown and homemade spices and spice blends, candied hot peppers and assorted jams. Many of our value added products are now part of the NY Grown and Certified program. We also participate in the Real Organic Project.

In February of 2012, Dizzy Lizzie and Tractor Man bought a house with a 102 acre plot of land attached. Several months later she became pregnant with the Farm Manager and began homesteading the land. Shortly thereafter, armed with a mission to offer the community as well as her family a chance to enjoy healthy, high quality food while expanding everyone’s palettes through the introduction of heirloom and unusual vegetables, herbs and plants, Dizzy Lizzie formally started a farm business – and not just any farm but a certified organic farm adhering to her core values. She also knew how happy fresh flowers make her and she felt sharing that joy might also make a difference for others. With this mission, and a place now to apply it, Dizzy Lizzie moved forward with only beginning knowledge of farming but also an unstoppable passion.

We started the farm by building up our resources and testing out the soils on assorted fruits and vegetables for ourselves. In 2013, with a greater selection and volume of products, we opened our doors to the public. We increased our garlic production and introduced berries to our field. Chickens joined our family. We even had time to add a maple evaporator and sugarshack to increase our maple production. In 2014, the farm officially achieved its organic certification while also building up its perennial flower garden. In 2015, we added three Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) offerings to the mixture: plants, produce and cut flowers. However, this soon readjusted itself to a “garden start” preorder and flower CSA options. There have been so many changes through the years, it is funny to look back and see where we started and see what we have become.

2016 brought us to one of our biggest alterations in the farm’s history with the introduction of value-added products. There was also a slight addition to the farm mission. The farm now aims to add a new great quality product each year. We strongly believe there is no need to ever get bored and we hope we will always live up to this challenge. What started as three types of garlic scape pestos, has turned into six options (Original, Basil, Shitake, Mushroom Medley, Steamy and Xtra-Steamy).

We have now added our organic spices to the mix. We started with two and now have 14 and hope to have 20 varieties by the end of 2022. There are candied peppers, jams, and relishes to now wet your appetite. Dizzy Lizzie loves creating in the kitchen.