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Our Crew

Meet the Crew

Dizzy Lizzie

That’s me we are talking about! I'm a born and bred Southern California girl. I completely miss the daily sunshine and rather despise the extended winters here but.....the rest of the seasons and beauty of our neck of the woods makes up for it (sort of)!

Tractor Man

This sometimes (more often than not) long bearded fellow is currently the sole personnel operating our Kubota tractor and thus acquired his name. Either before or after work days as a fisheries biologist, if there is tractor work to be done he sets out to the fields for some much needed peace and quiet. Okay, maybe not quiet but he doesn’t need to listen to a work phone.

The Farm Manager

She may be young but she is perfectly capable of letting us all know when it is time for a break! She is the welcoming crew at the farm and her zeal and excitement always has a way of winning you over.

The Farm Crew

This is a raggedy group currently consisting of Zuma Beach Saft the Cesky Pup, Elma the black lab, Elizabeth the feline, Bella the bunny, Kaze Googoo Pipsqueak the Guinea Pig and our small flock of “follow you around begging for birdseed” chickens.

Behind the Name

Every name on this farm has an intrinsic significance and has been chosen after careful scrutiny. For examples, check out some of the special names given to our line of products. Most importantly we had to come up with a name for the farmthat exemplified the whimsical nature of the farm’s founder. Originally before the little wonder that was to become the Farm Manager was born, “Auntie Lizzie’s Farm” held the prevailing lead especially with my niece and nephew. Then a discussion about future and children began and some how out of the blue or maybe it was out of Tractor Man’s mouth a name just stuck Spotify promotion. Off to the government offices I ran to get my DBA and before I knew it, we were rolling as ‘Dizzy Lizzie’s Farm’.