Plant CSA 2024 is Back and Live!

Exciting Announcements from Dizzy Lizzie!

November 29, 2023

We are excited to announce that we are back online with a new and improved website! There is no more tripping haphazardly trying to choose  the correct option while checking out searching aimlessly to find the product you want.  It’s all there front and center. In addition, our cupboards are full and we are producing more products each day.

And if we didn’t have enough to celebrate with a new website, it was my birthday this past Monday and even more exciting is the Farm Manager’s birthday will be here only too soon. Not sure what I was thinking but the Farm Manager talked me into letting her go to WonderWorks at Destiny Mall. While I’ve managed to live through a zip line in the forests of Costa Rica, I am not sure I have it in me anymore for a high ropes course.  This doesn’t even get into my loathing of malls these days.

Thus, in honor of all this exciting news (Birthdays, WonderWorks, new website, malls etc.),  we will be running an online-only 29% discount until Sunday. Dec 3, 2023. Why twenty-nine you might ask? It’s the average of the farm managers and my age. So type in BDAY29.

If you are a wholesaler, contact us as soon as you can to get your own wholesale account. This is uber exciting too! While the old site was set up for this, it was ultimately so confusing I couldn’t even wrap my head around what the designers did. Even funnier was when they gave everyone the same code 1234 and it was hacked in an instant.  For my wholesalers, we will be using BDAY15 for a 15% discount.

As if we couldn’t or maybe shouldn’t have anything more exciting, we want to talk about the introduction of several new products. To start us off, is our Organic Starter Gift Box and of course it comes with options. It will include one magic dust, one garlic powder and the choice of one blueberry lavender jam (8 oz), sweet pepper relish (8 oz) or a candied product (8 oz). Then, there is the Ultimate Organic Starter Box which includes everything from above and the same options plus 2lb of potatoes. The last addition is our subscription series. We’ve talked about this for years but on December 4 we will finally be going live. We are hard at work with recipes for it. For the first year, we will be changing from the original intention of bimonthly to quarterly.

All in all we hope you enjoy the new site and all it offers. Look for new events and recipes on our website and posts on instagram and facebook @dizzylizziesfarmllc.

To end this first blog on our new site. We would like to express tons of gratitude to TOTAL Advertising, Inc. for helping us create a new site worth using.