Organic Onion Powder

Dizzie Lizzie’s onion powder combines the sweet, pungent aroma and flavor of the onion, but without the tears! Our customers love Dizzie Lizzie’s Organic Onion Powder for its sweet (never pungent), mild taste. This is a staple in any spice rack but the freshness difference is unmatched by grocery store rivals. Count on onion powder even if your dish calls for onions. Its deeply savory, flavor packed powder has a comforting appeal, especially in any dishes you want to taste especially homey!

Why Dizzie Lizzie’s:

  • Certified Organic Organic
  • Grown & Certified in New York . 
  • Grown, packaged and processed on the farm.



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Additional information

Weight 7.45 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in


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