Organic Candied Jalapeńo

Also known by some as  Cowboy Candy. Our crew discovered this delicious and mouth water tasting treat from a friend when he came to purchase our abundance of Jalapenos. Once his version  was complete, he kindly shared his concoction. After only one taste, Dizzy Lizzie was sold and had no choice but to figure out the recipe. 

If you are wondering what to do with this delicacy, here are a few tried and true suggestions. Spread cream cheese and candied Jalapeno on  crackers or another take if you attend the local Cazenovia Farmers Market is to pick up some goat cheese from 7 trees Goat Dairy. Fortunately, I don’t stop there! For you meat eaters, pull out your favorite hamburger, turkey burger or even hot dog and replace the relish (although we have an awesome one of those as well). Dizzy Lizzie on the other hand loves the infused syrup and pours it on almost about everything. 

While Candied Jalapenos are the first, there are currently 4 versions to try from. 

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